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Watch Stretch Full Body

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Stretch Full Body

AKTransform • 6m 18s

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  • Stretch Hamstring, Glute and Quad

    Get a great stretch for your lower body with this series. In this video Anna static stretches the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

    Props: Yoga Mat

  • Extended Full Body Stretch with Resis...

    This is an awesome full body stretch, perfect for post workout or as a stretch on your rest day. You can use the assistance of a resistance band or towel.

    Props: Yoga Mat, Resistance Band or Towel

  • Stretch Piriformis, Hamstring, and Pe...

    Anna leads you through a series of yoga poses great for stretching your piriformis, hamstrings, peroneals, quads, and ends with chest openers.

    Props: Yoga Mat